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Child Safety Force to Extract Lighter


The customer manufactures lighters and is currently developing a case/guard designed to increase the safety for children. The test consists of checking the minimum pull-off force necessary to extract the lighter from the guard at a 2.5 mm/min speed. The extraction force (no lower than 50 N) would need to be measured from the strongest element predetermined by the manufacturer (the wheel). As part of an R&D project, the customer required a system which would offer versatility in the test and calculation program. The data and the graphic representation would also need to be captured at a high resolution, i.e. 2000 Hz.


As per specification, Mecmesin supplied the Imperial computer-controlled test system with an intelligent loadcell able to capture data at 2000 Hz. A special accessory, developed by the client, holds the patented child-guard vertically. The holding accessory fixed to the anvil plate of the test stand, keeps the sample in the loadcell axis. A crocodile clip, attached to the loadcell via an extension rod, is gripping the wheel of the lighter. At a 2.5 mm/min speed, and an average of 50N, the crocodile clip pull-off wheel and the lighter slides from the wall of the patented child-guard.


  • Imperial 1000 Computer-Controlled Stand (superseded by the MultiTest 1-i)
  • ILC 500 N
  • Extension Rod
  • Special Holding Fixture (developed by customer)
  • Crocodile Grip (supplied by customer)

A Brand You Can Trust

"The MultiTest 0.5-i is a very good and reliable machine and the Emperor™ Software brings great advantages. It’s a very useful tool for these kinds of tests. It’s fully programmable and offers an in-depth analysis of results. It’s a precious tool for everybody involved, especially those who work with plastics and their mechanical performance"

Nikos Michopoulos, Quality Control, Eurofilm Mantzaris S.A.


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