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0.5 - 5 kN xt Tensile Testers

A Mecmesin single-column, touch screen Tensile Tester provides the ideal solution for production area quality and routine testing. The TT-xt range of portable, bench-top testers includes four models from 0.5 to 5 kN and thanks to interchangeable 'intelligent' loadcells, covers testing of a wide range of components, products and materials. Test control and comprehensive data analysis are managed by the integrated Emperor™ software, ensuring excellent accuracy, repeatability, and reliability of test data and results.

Ease of use is at the heart of the -xt range design. A library of test routines can be easily developed in accordance with international standards or 'in-house' test methods to ensure simplicity of use by operators - in fact most tests can be launched within 2 or 3 presses of a button. Operation requires minimal training.

TT-xt 0.5 kN, TT-xt 1 kN, TT-xt 2.5 kN and TT-xt 5 kN

Key Features

  • Intuitive touch screen interface - no separate computer
  • Rugged build for repetitive testing
  • One-touch recall of up to 5 most common tests
  • Automatic return to 'start' position saves valuable testing time
  • Automatic detection of Peak Load and Displacement at Break with colour-coded pass/fail identification
  • Automatic export of results to printer or external software
  • Batch, sample and operator tracking facility
  • Wide range of grips available

TT-xt 0.5


TT-xt 1


  • The TT-xt 0.5 kN has an extended column ideally suited to testing highly-elastic samples, such as thin rubber, plastic film, or elastic yarns and filaments.
  • Max force: 0.5 kN
  • Max travel: 1200 mm (47.3”)*

  • The TT-xt 1 kN is ideal for moderately elastic samples requiring substantial crosshead travel
  • Max force: 1 kN
  • Max travel: 1000 mm (39.4”)*

TT-xt 2.5


TT-xt 5


  • The TT-xt 2.5 kN is a mid-range, versatile tester for a wide range of applications
  • Max force: 2.5 kN
  • Max travel: 500 mm (19.7”)*

  • Top of our single-column range, the TT-xt 5 kN is a robust and versatile tester for applications up to 5 kN
  • Max force: 5 kN
  • Max travel: 590 mm (23.2”)*

* Crosshead travel measured without loadcell or grips





  • Choose from a wide range of interchangeable 'intelligent' loadcells.
  • 2 N to 5 kN

** Mecmesin provides an extensive range of specialized and custom accessories to suit a variety of applications Contact our sales team to find the right accessories for your applications



  • Rated from 500 N - 50 kN
  • Wedge-action grips to firmly hold samples without slippage - suitable for flat or round samples.

  • Flat-faced grips - available with various jaw faces (serrated, wave form and rubber) to securely hold various material-types.

  • Bollard-action grips - for thin samples prone to slippage; material can be spread around a circular bollard to grip securely.
    and many more...

A Brand You Can Trust

"The MultiTest 0.5-i is a very good and reliable machine and the Emperor™ Software brings great advantages. It’s a very useful tool for these kinds of tests. It’s fully programmable and offers an in-depth analysis of results. It’s a precious tool for everybody involved, especially those who work with plastics and their mechanical performance"

Nikos Michopoulos, Quality Control, Eurofilm Mantzaris S.A.


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